ScheduleOnce is a personal scheduler application that enables you to easily accept appointments online and also schedule group meetings.

So what is the difference between a personal scheduler and a regular appointment scheduler? Appointment scheduler typically have their own built in calendar. They may also sync that calendar with a personal calendar but still, all scheduling is done against their proprietary calendar. A personal scheduler does not have a calendar. It uses the user’s personal calendar as the calendar against which all scheduling is done. For this to be effective the connection to the calendar must be a real time connection so that double booking does not happen.

Another important difference is the experience of the people that schedule time with you. With a personal scheduler like ScheduleOnce people come to your personal MeetMe page and can see your profile information together with time slots in which you’re availabale. This level of personalization does not exist in the general appointment schedulers.

ScheduleOnce has a completely free, fully functional trial so if you want to check us out and see how a personal scheduler application looks and feels, just click the green button on the left to get started.