Do you need to organize a convenient meeting time for a group of people? This is not an easy task and it is wise to use a meeting organizer such as ScheduleOnce.

ScheduleOnce enables you to easily propose times in which the meeting can take place and then have the invitees provide their availability against these times. This process is quick and easy and is done by sending a simple web link to the invitees. Once all invitees have replied everyone’s availability is laid out in a horizontal free/busy view and you can easily see the times that work best.If its a large meeting with many attendees, let’s say 20 or more the chances that you will find a time that works for all is slim. It’s about finding the time that works for the highest number of invitees so that you can maximize meeting attendance.

Its also important to say that ScheduleOnce can easily connect to your calendar. When a meeting is scheduled in ScheduleOnce it automatically gets scheduled in your calendar, increasing productivity and ensuring you never get double booked.

So if you need to organize a convenient meeting time remember ScheduleOnce and give it a try. You will be glad you did.