ScheduleOnce is an online calendar booking system that is designed to serve any area of the business. Whether you need to offer services online, improve customer support or capture more qualified leads, ScheduleOnce has the answer.

ScheduleOnce has a unique design that makes it more powerful and flexible than any other booking system. Most booking systems are designed to accept appointments for services and when you try to use them in other scenarios you find that they are just not a good fit. With ScheduleOnce we use the MeetMe page as the basis for any scenario. A MeetMe page can be used for scheduling appointments with an employee, a service provider or it can even be a resource. Since all the settings are on the MeetMe page it can be configured to support the requirements of that specific scenario.

Another important point about ScheduleOnce is that it doesn’t maintain its own calendar but rather, it uses the user’s personal calendar as the calendar against which it calculate free time slots. This provides another level of flexibility as you can dynamically choose in which calendar the appointment is scheduled and which calendars’ busy time you want to take into account.

So make sure to give our online calendar booking system a try. You will be glad you did.