ScheduleOnce is an online booking calendar software that can easily get you up and running with online bookings.

How does it work? When you sign up you create a personal MeetMe page that has your profile information and shows a calendar with time slots in which you’re available to meet. People with whom you share this link select one or more time slots and book a time with you either automatically or with your approval.

The thing that you should know about ScheduleOnce is that contrary to other online booking vendors ScheduleOnce does not maintain its own calendar. The approach that ScheduleOnce has taken is to connect to your personal calendar instead and enable you to manage all appointments in the tool that you are already familiar with. The advantages of this approach are its short setup time and short learning curve and in addition, you have all the powerful features of your calendar that can now be applied to the appointments that are scheduled via ScheduleOnce.

So ScheduleOnce is a great online booking calendar software that you should definitely try. Get started by clicking the green button on the left.