Selecting an online booking appointments system is not simple. These are often complex systems and it is very difficult to know everything in advance.

The one big question that you should ask yourself is if you want a system that connects to your calendar or a system that has its own built in calendar. A system that has its own built in calendar, even if it syncs with your calendar is not the same as an appointment system that only uses your calendar as its basis. To explain this further lets compare how ScheduleOnce and a calendar-based appointment system will handle a scenario where you want to accept appointments for one of your team members.

The calendar based system will require that this user opens an account get everything setup and then she will be able to receive appointments into her system calendar and then sync them into her calendar. In ScheduleOnce all that this person will need to do is share their calendar with you and the appointments can flow right into her calendar via your account. So if all the persona wants is to receive appointments ScheduleOnce is a much more elegant online booking appointments system.

The was just one example and there are many more. To learn more about ScheduleOnce click the green button on the left.