ScheduleOnce is an online appointment planner that enables you to easily accept appointments online. Appointments can be accepted via automatic booking or in booking with approval mode.

Automatic booking is the traditional method for appointment scheduling. in this method the customer selects a single time and the appointment is booked. Booking with approval is different and is more suitable for occasions where the appointments are not with the same group of people and there aren’t many of them. In this method people select a few times, you review the times and pick the one you want and book the appointments. Its a two step process vs the single step process in automatic mode.

So when you set out to select an appointment mode its good to plan ahead and see which mode is right for you and your specific situation. ScheduleOnce is the only online appointment planner that supports the Booking with approval mode with multiple time suggestions. This is just another example to the flexibility and versatility that ScheduleOnce provides. Click the green button on the left to learn more.