ScheduleOnce in an Enterprise grade multi-user scheduling software. ScheduleOnce allows you to create advanced multi-user scheduling scenarios that support distributed users across multiple time zones.

For example, if you need to enable prospects to schedule demos or consultation appointments with a team of sales reps that are distributed in local offices in the US, Europe and Asia – This can be easily achieved with ScheduleOnce.

ScheduleOnce allows you to create accounts for your users and then invite them to sign up. When this is done you can also deploy the scheduling scenario and immediately provide members with access to their MeetMe pages. In addition, Administrator or Member user types can be created and different MeetMe pages access roles can be assigned. It is always possible to share MeetMe pages and move them between users. If a user leaves, the MeetMe page and all scheduled appointments are never lost.

ScheduleOnce will also alert you on important user actions and will provide you with central management of users and billing. The calendar privacy of users will be strictly maintained and although ScheduleOnce makes bookings directly in user calendars, the details of user calendar appointments will never be visible to other system users.

So if you are looking for a true multi-user scheduling software check out our Enterprise plan.