ScheduleOnce is the best meeting wizard for Google Calendar. ScheduleOnce was a Google launch partner in the Google Apps Marketplace and has received numerous complements for its outstanding Google Calendar integration.

ScheduleOnce is not just connecting with Google Calendar but rather, it is using Google Calendar as its online calendar database against which it check your busy time. The concept behind the ScheduleOnce integration with Google Calendar is that the calendar is a personal tool that ScheduleOnce will not replace or duplicate, but only extend. To that extent you will see that ScheduleOnce can support everything that you can do in Google Calendar.

If you want to schedule a group meeting you will see your busy time in ScheduleOnce and you can propose times when you are free. ScheduleOnce can connect to as many Google Calendars as you have permission to and you can change the Google Calendar selection anytime you like.

So if you know a better meeting wizard for Google Calendar please tell us about it. Otherwise, feel free to start using SchduleOnce. You won’t regret it.