ScheduleOnce is a meeting wizard that helps you find a common time for a meeting with any number of attendees. ScheduleOnce works great with time zones and is quick and easy to use.

To get started with ScheduleOnce you simply sign up for the Free trial and once you are signed in you create a new invitation. This is essentially the same invitation that you would create in any calendar system but in ScheduleOnce you create it with multiple time suggestions. These are the times in which the meeting can take place. When you save the invitation you get a unique link that you send to your invites. Invitees click the link, and provide their availability. When all have replied you can easily see what the best time is and schedule it.

Despite the wizard in the name, ScheduleOnce does not take you through lengthy wizards, everything is quick and done on one page. In addition, You can easily connect ScheduleOnce with your calendar and ensure that you will not be double booked.

So give our meeting wizard a try. It’s easy on the wallet¬†and saves you time.