ScheduleOnce is a law firm appointment scheduling software app that is used widely by many lawyers and law firms to book appointments with their clients. Clients can schedule initial consultations with a law firm, as well as follow-up meetings, as required for legal advice and discussions.

Features of our law firm appointment scheduling software

  • Reduce no shows and schedule conflicts: Automated reminders via email and SMS to both the client and the lawyers in your team helps increase the successful completion of meetings.
  • Clients can book 24/7: Our online booking systems help clients schedule appointments at their ease.
  • Easy canceling and rescheduling: When a booking is canceled or rescheduled, an email notification is sent and the necessary updates are made in your calendar automatically.
  • Quick setup: ScheduleOnce offers a hassle-free integration with your law firm’s website and easy customization as per your needs
  • Easy booking system: Your clients can book appointments in less than a minute.
  • Virtual access: ScheduleOnce is cloud-based, which means you can securely access ScheduleOnce from any connected device.
  • Statistics and reports: You can view and track the schedule of your lawyers, the top services being requested, and the lawyers being booked the most for appointments.
  • Increased client satisfaction: ScheduleOnce provides your clients with flexible booking during the hours they are most likely to schedule an appointment. Automated personalized reminders further help in improving the user experience.
  • Sync your appointments: See your schedule in Google Calendar, Office 365 Calendar, Exchange/Outlook Calendar, and iCloud Calendar.

Worry less about your appointment scheduling problems with our law firm appointment scheduling software.

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