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Google calendar scheduling tool

ScheduleOnce is a Google Calendar scheduling tool that is tightly integrated with Google Calendar and can be used to schedule group meetings, one on one meetings and appointments.

This approach has allowed us to build the best possible integration with Google. Many other appointment vendors claim to have integration with Google. But these vendors already have their proprietary calendar and all they do is sync between their calendar and Google Calendar. This type of solution is far from ScheduleOnce where we allow the user to connect ScheduleOnce to any Google Calendar that he has permission to. This flexibility enables us to build enterprise Scheduling capabilities on top of Google Calendar, creating a powerful scheduling system on top of the calendar that people are already working with.

Most appointment booking systems have their own proprietary calendar and only sync with Google Calendar. They can sync their entire proprietary calendar with Google Calendar. So? This is so limited. With ScheduleOnce you can have each MeetMe page connect to a different Google Calendar and you can decide on the spot in which Google Calendar you want to schedule. The flexibility with ScheduleOnce is on a per booking basis while the traditional appointment systems with proprietary calendars have no flexibility at all.

Google Calendar users are used to Google Calendar's powerful features and would like to keep their schedule in Google Calendar. This is exactly the approach that ScheduleOnce takes.

ScheduleOnce does not have a calendar it only uses Google Calendar view deep and true integration that happens in real-time. So when someone comes to your MeetMe page and click on a day to see available time slots ScheduleOnce reads your Google Calendar in real-time and make sure to only present time slots in which you are free. When an appointment is scheduled via your MeetMe page is also automatically created in your Google Calendar.

There are other free tools that connect to Google calendar and provide an even better experience than the Google Calendar appointment slots. ScheduleOnce is the leading product in this category and you can use it to achieve what you wanted with the GCAL slots and even more.

If you are using Gmail calendar you can simply signup from our home page and if you are running Google Apps in your organization you can install ScheduleOnce from the Google Apps Marketplace. It is top-rated so you will easily find it in the Calendar and Scheduling category.

There are a number of places in which ScheduleOnce is tightly integrated with Google. The first is the sign in. ScheduleOnce does not have its own user name and password. Instead, ScheduleOnce uses the Google ID as your identifier and this is achieved via a secure token and without ScheduleOnce knowing your password.

The second point of integration is with Google Calendar. You can connect your Google Calendar with ScheduleOnce in one click and you will then be able to see your busy time in ScheduleOnce and use it to block availability, though you don't have to, depending on the settings you choose.

The third point of integration is in the scheduling where each appointment that you schedule is automatically created in your Google Calendar.

ScheduleOnce was a Google Launch partner in the Google Apps Marketplace and has been recognized for its excellent integration with Google. If you are signing up to ScheduleOnce from the ScheduleOnce home page you simply sign in with your Google account and then connect your calendar. You will be able to see all busy times from your Google Calendars in ScheduleOnce and use the busy time to block out your availability. When a meeting is scheduled in ScheduleOnce it will be automatically created in your Google Calendar.

With ScheduleOnce, you can sync multiple Google Calendars, easily identify available timeslots for everyone you would like to meet, prevent double-booking, and even schedule meetings for other people.

Whether you use Google Calendar, Gmail, or Google Apps, ScheduleOnce is the meeting scheduler that maximizes your Google account and lets you go even further. Here are some of the features of our integrated meeting scheduler with Google Calendar:

  • Connect to one or more Google Calendars.
  • Easily view busy time details and use them to make scheduling decisions.
  • Easily schedule meetings for others and book these meetings directly in their calendars.
  • Prevent double-booking through our real-time updates.

So in essence, ScheduleOnce acts as an integrated extension of your Google Calendar and it is the only professional Google calendar appointment scheduler with this innovative and modern approach. So if you are a Google Calendar user give ScheduleOnce a try. You will be glad you did.

We would also like to update you on the status of the Google gadget scheduler and the approach that we will be taking going forward:

Together with the introduction of ScheduleOnce 2.0 we have decided to discontinue the support of the ScheduleOnce Gadget for Google Calendar and Gmail. The reason for that is that we have improved the functionality that was provided in the gadget and has made it part of our core application. This, together with the improvement in our integration with Google Calendar has enabled us to provide an even better user experience when all functionality is provided in our ScheduleOnce web application.

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