Do you need to schedule conference calls across multiple time zones and are looking for a global conference call scheduler? ScheduleOnce is exactly what you need.

ScheduleOnce is designed specifically for finding a time for a meeting with attendees in multiple time zones. ScheduleOnce automatically identifies the user’s time zone and translates the times to the local time. In addition, ScheduleOnce keeps track of all Daylight Saving Time changes worldwide and adjusts automatically so that you or your participants need not worry about any upcoming DST change.

So if you need to schedule a conference call simply signup for our global conference call scheduler and create a new invitation. In the invitation you will propose a few times and then send a link to the invitation to all attendees. Your invitees will reply with their availability and all that’s left for you to do is to pick the best time and schedule the conference.

Its really that easy and since ScheduleOnce connects to your calendar you will never be double booked. So give ScheduleOnce a try. You will be glad you did.