Are you looking to accept appointments online in a global setting that spans multiple time zones? ScheduleOnce is a global appointment service that works across systems and time zones and handles time zones and daylight saving changes in the most comprehensive manner.

ScheduleOnce’s support for global appointments is robust, and contrary to other applications that support time zones to some degree, ScheduleOnce does not impose an overhead on you or your customers. Any user of ScheduleOnce will always see the appointments in their time zones. In addition, ScheduleOnce detects the user’s time zone automatically, so there is no need to even think about the time zones. In terms of DST support, ScheduleOnce tracks all DST events worldwide and constantly updates its database so that whenever DST starts or ends the system will automatically make the adjustments so you or your customers never need to worry about it.

To learn more about our global appointment service simply follow the link. We have a completely paid plan and affordable subscriptions.