Are you about to schedule a group meeting and need to find a time that works for everyone? This is not a simple task and we all know the email and phone tag game that can sometimes be longer than the duration of the meeting itself.

So lets take a look at SchduleOnce, an availability based meeting scheduler that helps you find a time that works for everyone in just a few minutes. Here is how it works: You propose a few times in which the meeting can take place and save. The system generates a unique link which you send to your invitees. Invitees click the link and can easily provide their availability. When all have replied ScheduleOnce automatically identifies the best times and all that’s left for you to do is to Schedule. When you click schedule the meeting is automatically created in your calendar and calendar invitations are sent to all attendees.

So if you want to find a time that works for everyone quickly and painlessly, give ScheduleOnce a try – you’ll only regret it if you don’t.