Do you need to find the best time to hold an event with multiple attendees? This is not a simple task but if done right, it can significantly increase event attendance. So with today’s technology the best approach would be to use and online event scheduler such as ScheduleOnce.

With ScheduleOnce all you have to do is specify a few time alternatives for the event. ScheduleOnce then creates a unique link that you can send to your invitees. Invitees can see each others’ availability and can easily provide their availability into mix. When all have replied ScheduleOnce automatically identifies the best times and you can review them and schedule the one you want.

Since ScheduleOnce can connect to your calendar when you click schedule the calendar invitation is created in your calendar and invitations are sent to all invitees.

If you follow this process with ScheduleOnce you will have the best possible attendance. So give ScheduleOnce a try and see how this professional event scheduler can improve your event attendance.