Scheduling meetings via back and forth emails can be long-winded and inefficient. Scheduling software that gives you the ability to embed time slots in email lets you take control of the booking process and shortens your time to engagement with both customers and prospects.

With InviteOnce, when you invite a customer to self-schedule, you can choose to either automatically or manually promote time slots in your email invitations. Let the InviteOnce scheduling engine do it for you, by automatically selecting up to 4 time slots to promote in your email invitation, or personalize the invitation by selecting your own time slots to promote. The time slots appear as links in your email, allowing your customers or prospects to pick a meeting time that suits you best, in a single click.

When you embed time slots in email with InviteOnce you shorten time-to-engagement and ensure you maintain control throughout the scheduling process. Start your free trial today.