Are you looking for an easy-to-use meeting request site where people can see your availability and submit requests to meet with you? You have come to the right place.

ScheduleOnce can do just that. When you sign up for ScheduleOnce you will be guided through a simple wizard that will create your MeetMe page. This page is the page that people will use when they want to request a meeting with you. You select a personal link for your page, define your availability and your personal details.

When people click your link they can immediately see when you’re available and select a few times according to your instructions. They then submit and you are notified by the system. You review the times the were selected, pick the best one and schedule the meeting. Once scheduled, the meeting is automatically created in your calendar and an invitation is sent to the other party. How can we do that? ScheduleOnce can connect to your calendar, increasing productivity and ensuring you never get double booked.

So if you are looking for an uncomplicated meeting request site, you can end your search now. ScheduleOnce is the perfect tool.