Do you need to schedule a conference call with multiple attendees? Then you need a conference call scheduler like ScheduleOnce.

With ScheduleOnce you can schedule a conference call in a matter of minutes. You propose a few times and send all invitees a link. They click the link and can see each others’ availability while providing their own. When all have replied ScheduleOnce automatically identifies the best times and all that is left for you is to schedule the meeting. Now since ScheduleOnce is connected to your calendar, when you click schedule the meeting is created in your calendar and invitations are sent to all attendees.

ScheduleOnce has a Meeting details section which allows you to add the conference information. Everyone then receives it and it becomes part of the calendar invitation without them having to do anything.

So if you need a conference call scheduler that’s really good with conference calls give ScheduleOnce a try.