Are you scheduling many conference calls and need a conference call scheduler for Outlook? Here is how ScheduleOnce can help in two points of integration. The first point of integration is that ScheduleOnce needs to read your busy time from Outlook and allow you to see it and possibly use it for blocking your availability. The second point of integration is that when the conference is scheduled in ScheduleOnce the calendar invitation will be automatically created in Outlook with all information that was collected from all attendees.

Since Outlook is a desktop calendar there is a need to download a small program that will connect Outlook with ScheduleOnce. The approach that ScheduleOnce has taken for that is to use the Google Calendar sync program for syncing between Outlook and Google Calendar and then connecting Google Calendar with ScheduleOnce. So Google Calendar is effectively acting as a bridge between Outlook and ScheduleOnce. This method is the most secure as ScheduleOnce does not store your calendar information and only reads in in real time from Google Calendar.

So if you are searching for a conference call scheduler for Outlook
take a closer look at ScheduleOnce. Other vendors may develop their own proprietary connectors to outlook but they are often buggy and insecure. Using the Google connector, is in our opinion, the best approach.