Ar you looking to compare affordable event schedulers? We can help you with your search process but we are biased, since ScheduleOnce is our tool.

In any case, we will try to be objective. Lets start with some background information. ScheduleOnce started to develop its product in 2006 an it is currently in release 2.8. ScheduleOnce was developed for a professional and business environment and was designed in such a way that its integration with other calendars would be seamless as possible.

The ScheduleOnce time finding engine is based on availability. That means that in order to find a time for your event all you need to do is to define your availability and then ask everyone else to provide their availability. This process is very simple. Once everyone has provided their availability the system automatically identifies the best times and you can schedule the meeting in one click. When scheduled, the meeting invitation is automatically created in your calendar and calendar invitations are sent to all attendees.

So you can continue to compare event schedulers or you can take a break and check out ScheduleOnce – It is easy for everyone to use and low-cost!