ScheduleOnce is an online meeting scheduler that is sometimes called a calendar to schedule meetings. But is it really a calendar? Not really. ScheduleOnce complements the calendar by adding scheduling capabilities that calendars do not have.

Why is ScheduleOnce not a calendar? Because it doesn’t have the functionality to manage your schedule and track appointments. The functionality that it does have is related to scheduling only. ScheduleOnce supports different scheduling processes:

-Finding a time to meet for a meeting with multiple attendees: The meeting organizer proposes multiple times, invitees respond with their availability. The system then identifies the best time and the meeting is then scheduled in everyone’s calendar.

-Scheduling One on one meetings: You create your MeetMe page which defines your availability and how people can schedule time with you. When people click your link they can immediately see when you’re available and select a few times. You then get an email from the system that prompts you to review the times, select the best one and schedule the meeting.

-Scheduling appointments and activities: Same process as above but this time people only select a single time and the meeting is automatically scheduled without you having to take any action.

So is ScheduleOnce a calendar to schedule meetings? It is not a calendar but it definitely knows how to schedule!