Do you need to schedule group meetings and need an affordable program to identify meeting times? You have come to the right place.

ScheduleOnce is an online meeting scheduler that can quickly and easily find the best time for a meeting. ScheduleOnce connects to you calendar and ensures that you never get double booked.

How does it work? You propose a few times that work for you and save. You receive a link that you send to your invitees. When invitees click the link, they can see that times that work for you and they can add their availability as it relates to the times you provided. Since invitees can see each others’ availability, when each subsequent invitee follows the process they start to build convergence on the times that work best. Once all have replied ScheduleOnce automatically identifies the best times and all you need to do is select a time and click schedule. Since your calendar is connected, when you schedule the meeting it is automatically created in your calendar and confirmations are sent to your invitees.

So if you need an affordable and professional¬†program to identify meeting times, give ScheduleOnce a try – you will only be sorry if you don’t.