Are you looking to schedule a meeting with multiple attendees and need a tool for finding available meeting times? You have come to the right place.

ScheduleOnce is an online meeting scheduler that works based on everyone’s availability, so once it has the availability of all attendees, it automatically finds the available meeting times that work for the highest number of attendees.

How does ScheduleOnce work? The meeting organizer provides her availability for the meeting and saves. She gets a unique link which she sends to her invitees to collect their availability. Invitees provide their availability while seeing each others’ availability, helping them converge on common meeting times.

When all have replied with their availability, ScheduleOnce automatically identifies the times that work best. Since ScheduleOnce can easily connect with your calendar, when you click schedule the meeting it is automatically created in your calendar and calendar invitations are sent to all attendees.

Its that simple. So if you need to find available meeting times, give ScheduleOnce a try by clicking the green button on the left bar.