3 Ways To Foster Commitment And Build Relationships With Customers

For SaaS companies, long sales cycles can be expected, especially when dealing with enterprise clients who bring their existing contracts and infrastructure along as carry-on. Each buying decision is carefully considered. This can involve comparing your offering to competing products, evaluating quotes and signing up for a free trial.

Customer engagement is a proven strategy for shortening sales cycles. According to a Microsoft e-book on smart selling techniques, 76% of customers want salespeople to build a personal relationship with them and act as their trusted adviser.

In this article, we share some advice on building your customer relationships and nudging them closer to that all-important buying decision.

Throw out your buyer persona

According to customers interviewed for BRP's 2019 POS/Customer Engagement Survey, 79% said personalized service helped them make a buying decision.

Personalizing involves a lot more than automatically inserting your prospect’s name into an email. Take an interest in your prospect and show them you did your homework. Discuss their needs first, and keep the sales talk for later. 

When you discuss your product or service, explain exactly how it will meet their needs and benefit their specific organization. This shows that you know and understand their business and they’re not just at the receiving end of a generic pitch. 

Use your scheduling website to your advantage

Engagement happens at every point of the customer life cycle and includes all follow-up calls and meetings that take place during the sales process. Make it as easy as possible for your prospects to meet with you by taking full advantage of your personal scheduling website. 

Sharing your booking link eliminates all frustrating back and forth and secures their commitment upfront. You can use the same booking link to schedule follow-up calls in advance, reducing the risk of speaking to someone’s voicemail. Not only are you saving your prospect time, you’re giving them the opportunity to choose a slot that’s convenient for them. Using a calendar booking page in this way allows you to arrange your schedule efficiently, and gives you more time to meet with other prospects and customers. 

Go the extra mile

There is no better way to build a relationship and foster commitment than by exceeding someone’s expectations. According to Salesforce’s State of the Connected Customer Report, 73% of customers say one extraordinary experience is all it takes to raise their expectations of other companies. Even if your product is less advanced than your competition, or comes in at a higher price point, it is the effort you put in that could make all the difference. Consider sharing all measures in place to protect their data, offer an exclusive extended trial of your premium product tier or conduct a personalized demo of your solution.  

Nurturing a relationship with your prospects and customers not only fosters commitment but also builds loyalty and trust. By taking a personal interest, you’re making them feel part of your own success story. By sharing your booking link from your scheduling website, you’re offering speed and convenience and showing respect for their time. By going the extra mile, you’re differentiating them as an important potential client. Yes, your hard work may result in shortening the sales cycle, but you’re also laying the foundation for retaining that customer for life.  

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