ScheduleOnce 3.1 is scheduled for release during the first week of May and beyond bug fixes and small enhancements, it includes two highly requested features:

Email reminders: You will be able to create up to three reminders for inbound and outbound scheduling. In inbound, reminder settings will be at the MeetMe page level so that you can create different reminders for different MeetMe pages. In outbound, reminders will be in the Outbound settings tab. Email reminders will be available in Plus accounts and higher.

Inbound scheduling – Option to remove the Google Calendar invite email that is sent to your users: If you are working with a connected calendar, when a booking is made the user receives two emails. One is the scheduling confirmation from ScheduleOnce, and the other is the Google Calendar invite that is sent from your connected Google Calendar account. When 3.1 is live it will be possible to disable the Google invite email. This option will be available in the Advanced booking settings in the Inbound settings page.

There are many other features that did not make it into the release but they will be coming shortly after. More details to come. If you have any feedback or comments please let us know.

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