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It has been one month since we released the new ScheduleOnce and we are glad to say that it has been very well received. Together with the complements, we also received lots of valuable feedback and suggestions for improvements.

So today we are releasing an updated version – ScheduleOnce 2.1 which includes tons of improvements. Here are the main ones that you should be aware of:

Scheduling confirmation to all invitees: In the past we have relied on the Google Calendar invitation for scheduling confirmations. However, we saw too many cases where it was not reliable enough. We have now added a scheduling confirmation email from ScheduleOnce. The scheduling confirmation is delivered to all attendees and includes any meeting notes provided by the meeting organizer.

Invitee notes in appointment scheduling confirmation: We have added the notes from the invitee to the scheduling confirmation email. This means that if you work in Appointment mode, you can see the notes from the person who booked the appointment with you without having to access ScheduleOnce.

Changed the display of busy time blocking/non blocking mode: When busy time was in blocking mode it blocked off the entire width of the column, making it impossible to see any availability that may have been hiding below it. We have changed this mode of display between blocking and non-blocking to be semi-transparent for non-blocking, and a solid color for blocking. The blocking/non blocking status is now also displayed in the busy time tool tip.

Time zone alert for people that schedule via your inbound page:
We have seen a few cases where people who scheduled via an inbound page were not sure if the times were displayed in their time zone or the time zone of the page owner. We now check if the person that wants to schedule time via your inbound page is in a time zone that is different from your time zone. If this is the case, we show the user an alert that the times are displayed in his/her time zone. When the time zones are the same we never show an alert.

Alert on erasing recurring availability:
We have seen cases where people who only wanted to use date-specific availability in their inbound scheduling, did not realize that they need to erase their recurring availability first. To make this clearer we have added a quick tip alert in the date-specific availability page.

Meeting duration on inbound page now more prominent: We have seen cases where people who were scheduling time via an inbound page did not notice the meeting duration field. We have moved it to be part of the main instructions sentence so that there is no chance that it will be missed.

We’ve also added a Facebook like, Tweet and Google +1 buttons to our home page so please like us, tweet about us and +1 us 🙂

Thank you again for all this great feedback and please keep sending us more. We are committed to making ScheduleOnce better and better, and making your scheduling as easy as it can possibly be.

Happy scheduling,
–Your friends at ScheduleOnce

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