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Outlook integration out of beta, Office 365 and iCloud coming soon

ScheduleOnce is now the only scheduling vendor with a professional Outlook connector syncing in real time.

ScheduleOnce 6.95 is live - Notifications editor updates, new status page, and video library

ScheduleOnce 6.95 is a minor release, setting the stage for ScheduleOnce 7.0, which is planned for the July-August timeframe.

ScheduleOnce 6.9 - We have a release date!

We're hard at work making sure ScheduleOnce 6.9 is in top shape.

Coming soon: A major enhancement to ScheduleOnce notifications

ScheduleOnce notifications - from requests such as booking, rescheduling, and canceling, we make sure our users and their customers never miss each other.

ScheduleOnce Outlook integration - From private beta to public beta

During the seven weeks in which we ran the private beta program, more than 500 users connected their Outlook Calendars to ScheduleOnce.

ScheduleOnce 6.6 is live - Working without a connected calendar

We have had the best Google Calendar integration for years, and just recently, we released our Outlook integration into private beta.

ScheduleOnce 6.5 is live - Outlook, Mobile admin, and more

We are happy to announce ScheduleOnce 6.5, a major release with a slew of new features.

ScheduleOnce 6.5 will be released this weekend

ScheduleOnce 6.5 is packed with several new features requested by our customers.

ScheduleOnce 6.0 is just around the corner

We introduced a strategic change in our approach to multi-user scheduling and integration with popular web conferencing systems – GoToMeeting and WebEx.

ScheduleOnce 5.95 is live - Conditional booking

Conditional booking allows you to accept bookings that are conditional on the availability of one or more resources.

ScheduleOnce 5.9 is live – Custom reports and booking form data

ScheduleOnce 5.9 includes big improvements to your reports, allowing you to add more than 30 System fields and any Custom field to Detail reports.

ScheduleOnce 5.8 is live - Tags, No-shows, and Secure booking pages

We are happy to announce ScheduleOnce 5.8 with support for MeetMe page tags, No-show tracking, and secure booking pages.

ScheduleOnce 5.7 is live - Booking forms, Categories, and Booking in multiple calendars

We are happy to announce ScheduleOnce 5.7 - A big release with a slew of new features that make ScheduleOnce a more flexible and robust system.

ScheduleOnce 5.65 is live – Secure embed (https)

We are happy to announce ScheduleOnce 5.65 with many small improvements, including the following notable update...

ScheduleOnce 5.6 is live - New Report Generator

We are happy to announce ScheduleOnce 5.6 with a new report generator that addresses the following scenarios...