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ScheduleOnce 6.9 is all about improving communications. We are giving you the power to completely control how you communicate with your Customers and Users throughout the entire booking lifecycle.

  • Custom notification templates: Completely customize the content and look and feel of any email or SMS notification to your Customers and Users.
  • SMS support: Send any confirmation, reminder or follow-up notification via SMS to your Users and Customers worldwide.
  • New User and Customer notification sections: You now have complete control over all notifications to your Users and Customers.
  • Email from your domain: Send all ScheduleOnce emails from your company’s domain and email address of your choice.
  • Improved Booking forms: Completely control the Booking forms that customers fill out when making a booking.
  • Improved reminders: Reminders are now available independently to Users as well as Customers, and can be configured with different templates and delivery methods.
  • Tracking ID: Each ScheduleOnce booking has a unique Tracking ID that can be used to reference a specific booking when communicating with your Customers.

To enable the above features, we have added two powerful WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) editors under a new Tools menu:

  • The Notifications template editor (beta): This editor allows you to create fully customizable email and SMS templates for all notification scenarios. The editor includes a library of close to 50 dynamic fields. You can insert these fields into email and SMS templates to make them more informative and personal. The editor is released as a beta product so that we can gather feedback on the actual templates that our users create. We expect the beta program to last a few weeks.


  • The Booking form editor: This editor allows you to collect data from your customers in the most precise and efficient manner. You can create different booking form templates and use them in your booking pages and services with no limitations on field titles and ordering.


To learn more about this new release, please see the What’s new in 6.9 article

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