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ScheduleOnce 5.9 includes big improvements to your reports, allowing you to add more than 30 System fields and any Custom field to Detail reports. You are now able to analyze and manage all data collected via your Booking forms.

There are two types of fields that can be added to any Detail report, allowing you to create customized reports with the exact data you need:

  • System fields: These are fields that are defined by the system such as Location, Cancellation reason, Duration, etc. More than 30 system fields can be added to any detail report.
  • Custom fields: Any custom field that you create in the Custom fields library can be added to the report as well. This means that you can now report on all data that you collect via your Booking forms.

So for example, if you collected the phone number and email as System fields, and the company name and industry as Custom fields, you can now create a simple report that lists each customer with their email, phone number, company name and industry. You can view this report online or export it to a branded PDF report, or to Excel for further analysis.

To learn more about this new release, please see the What’s new in version 5.9 article.

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