We are happy to announce ScheduleOnce 5.7 – A big release with a slew of new features that make ScheduleOnce a more flexible and robust system.

Booking forms with custom fields: You can now customize booking forms using custom fields, allowing you to collect more information from your customers when they make a booking. With booking forms, you can include single-line and multi-line text boxes, dropdowns, checkboxes and even request attachments.

Booking in multiple calendars: We have completely redesigned the user interface for connecting to Google calendar, making it more usable and powerful. It is now possible to automatically create additional calendar events in any number of calendars available to you.

This functionality enables three important scenarios:

  • Team MeetMe page – Booking with a team: This is a MeetMe page that allows the customer to schedule a meeting with multiple team members at the same time.
  • Booking conditional on a single resource: Allows you to automatically reserve a resource/room when the booking is made.
  • Notification to stakeholders: Keeps stakeholders in the loop by automatically creating the appointment in their calendars.

New MeetMe and service categories: Categories are now available for both services and MeetMe pages. In addition, categories can now include a name, a description and an image. Another benefit of categories is that they can now be used to organize MeetMe pages and services in your ScheduleOnce account without being visible to the customer.

Duplicating MeetMe pages and services: You can now save precious time as you set up and maintain your ScheduleOnce account. With a single click, you can duplicate a MeetMe page or service, retaining all original settings to fine-tune as you wish.

Change the location of the Booking form and Customer notifications section: You can now choose whether you would like the Booking form and Customer notifications section to be located within either the MeetMe page or the service. This additional flexibility optimizes your setup and provides a better scheduling experience for your customers.

To learn more about this new release please see the What’s new in version 5.7 article.

As always, if you have any questions or feedback we would love to hear it. You can add a comment to this post, email us or schedule a time to speak with us.

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