Last week we announced version 5.2 with pooled availability and today we are already announcing version 5.3 with support for multiple bookings per slot. This feature is highly requested and allows you to specify the number of bookings that can be made before a time slot becomes unavailable.

Multiple bookings per slot can be useful in a wide range of scenarios such as classes, tours, group sessions and any activity in which more than one customer is served at the same time.

Multiple bookings per slot work with your calendar in real time and allow to you to control the number of bookings per slot in a wide range of scenarios. Any booking that you create in your main booking calendar (via ScheduleOnce or directly in your calendar) will be counted towards the defined capacity. In addition, if you want to take into account additional activities you can retrieve busy time from additional calendars and any conflicting activity will close the slot regardless of its capacity.

To learn more about this release please see the What’s new in 5.3 article.

As always, if you have any questions or feedback we would love to hear it. You can add a comment to this post, email us or schedule a time to speak with us.

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