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ScheduleOnce is well known for its robust time zone support. Release 4.3 takes this a step further by allowing you to set the time zone on the MeetMe page level. This means that you can have different time zones for the different MeetMe pages in your account.

This change enables two scheduling scenarios that are highly requested by our users:

Scheduling for frequent travelers: If you travel often, one of the biggest challenges in scheduling your appointments is the need to manage scheduling for at least two locations and time zones – Your home location and the destination location. With release 4.3 you can create a MeetMe page for each travel destination, set its time zone to the destination time zone and use date-specific availability to specify the days and times of your stay in the local time zone. On the Google Calendar side you create a new Google Calendar and set it’s time zone to the destination time zone. In your MeetMe page you select this calendar as the calendar in which bookings will be created and you are all set. You can now send the MeetMe page link to people that will be meeting with you in the destination, and the bookings will be created in the destination time zone.

Accepting appointments for team members in different time zones: You can now create multiple MeetMe pages for multiple team members where each member is in a different time zone. The MeetMe page for each member will be set to their local time zone and the bookings will be created directly in their calendar according to their local time zone. This setup is very useful for virtual teams such as sales teams, online tutors, consultants and more.

Please note that as a result of this change the time zone setting has moved from the Booking section to the Availability section.

If you have any questions about this release or if you would like to discuss your time zone scenario please use booknow.so/so to schedule a free consultation.

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