Release 4.1 is all about signing up and signing in. We have redesigned the sign up and sign in process and we are introducing sign up via a ScheduleOnce ID as the primary sign up method. In addition to the new ScheduleOnce login we have also implemented different mechanisms to eliminate most of the confusion that is sometimes caused by the Google and Facebook logins.

Starting from this release, people that want to sign up for a ScheduleOnce account can do so with their email and password of choice. We are no longer relying on Google or Facebook logins as the only method of authentication.

How does it affect existing customers? There is really no change.  Existing customers that signed up via their Google or Facebook ID must continue to sign in with that channel. It is not possible to access your existing account via the new ScheduleOnce login.

If you are an existing customer and would like to switch to a ScheduleOnce login you will have to delete your existing account and sign up for a new account using the ScheduleOnce login. If you have a Professional account or higher we can manually merge your existing Google or Facebook login with the new ScheduleOnce login. Contact us if you are interested.

The redesigned login gives our customers more choice and we hope that it will improve the sign up and sign in process and make it easier to access ScheduleOnce.

In addition to the new ScheduleOnce login, this release also includes a number of minor improvements. To see the complete list of changes for this release please read the What’s new in 4.1 article.

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