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ScheduleOnce 3.1 is finally live with the reminders functionality that many have been patiently waiting for. We apologize for the one week delay in getting this release out.

With this new release you can now define up to three email reminders for any scheduled time. For example, a reminder 24 hrs before, 12 hrs before and 1 hr before the scheduled time.

In inbound scheduling reminders are on the MeetMe page level, allowing you to set different reminders for different MeetMe pages. In Outbound scheduling reminders are in the outbound settings page and apply to all outbound meetings that you initiate.

Version 3.1 includes another important feature for the vast majority of inbound scheduling users who connect their Google Calendars. This is the ability to disable the Google Calendar invite that is sent to the user.

By default, when a booking is made, the user receives two emails. One is the scheduling confirmation from ScheduleOnce, and the other is the Google Calendar invite that is sent to the user from your connected Google Calendar account. There are many good reasons to disable the Google invite email. Read the Google invite article to learn more.

For those who are wondering where are the SMS reminders – Email reminders are only the first step and we will follow up with SMS reminders in a future release.

For the complete list of changes in ScheduleOnce 3.1 please see the What’s new in version 3.1 article.

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