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Today we are announcing the release of ScheduleOnce 3.0, a major release that extends ScheduleOnce into additional personal and organizational use cases.

In ScheduleOnce 2.x the common use cases were 1)finding a time for a group meeting and 2)accepting appointments for yourself. ScheduleOnce 3.0 adds support for six more uses cases:

Offer multiple meeting types: Each meeting type can have different settings such as availability, location duration and more.
Accept appointments for your team: Your customers choose a team member and easily book them online.
Accept appointments for services: Your customers choose a service provider and easily book them online.
Accept appointments for activities: Easily fill your calendar with appointments for any type of activity.
Manage scheduling for others: Easily accept appointments for all the people you support.
Accept bookings for rooms & resources: Enable external users to easily book your resources online.

Watch our new introduction video:

The support for these additional use cases is made possible due to two important features:
–Ability to create multiple MeetMe pages
–Ability to consolidate multiple MeetMe pages into a BookNow page

These two major features, the robust and flexible design of the system, and our ability to connect to multiple calendars for different users, are now allowing us to support individuals as well as organizations with advanced scheduling scenarios.

As a result of the new functionality we have also modified our plans and pricing. We have added more plans to support the new use cases, and in addition, we have moved all plans to a monthly billing cycle. We hope that these changes in pricing will make it easier for new users to adopt ScheduleOnce. See our new pricing.

It is also important to reiterate our policy that any pricing changes will not affect our existing customers who will continue to be billed according to their original plan and price that was in effect at that time.

This release makes ScheduleOnce a much better product and makes it attractive to a considerably wider audience. We hope that you share our excitement and can help us spread the news!

To learn more about the complete list of changes see the What’s new in version 3.0 article.

To learn more about our support the new use cases please check our new Solutions section.

Watch additional new videos:

Inbound Scheduling

BookNow pages

Outbound scheduling

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