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ScheduleOnce payment integration allows you to easily collect payment from your customers as an integral part of the booking lifecycle. Whether you’re a large technology company offering paid product training courses, or a small consulting firm providing advisory sessions, this robust feature can help you take care of all payment activities in an automated and secure manner.

From the initial booking, through to rescheduling and cancellations, our end-to-end payment integration can help increase sales, create new revenue streams, and reduce administrative overhead.

Hundreds of our users, all from different industries and different sectors, are already enjoying the seamless integration. By simply connecting their ScheduleOnce accounts to PayPal, our users are able to manage payments along with their corresponding appointments.

Could you business benefit from using payment integration? Read below to see what some of our customers are saying.

Case study 1: The Headshot Guy – professional photography company

The Headshot Guy is the UK’s leading brand for professional headshots of executives, business professionals, and teams. Founded in 2008 by John Cassidy, the company has seven studios across the UK.

Customers book photography sessions directly from the company’s website. John says using ScheduleOnce has helped eliminate the administrative work of scheduling sessions, increase revenue and save time.

Stop no-shows by getting commitment from customers
“Before we had payment integration we were getting a number of bookings in, but a lot of no-shows. We would contact people, they would book a session, but they might not turn up, which ends up costing us money,” John says.

“Now, with payment integration, they have to pay before their session, so they all turn up. By stopping no-shows, ScheduleOnce’s payment integration has helped increase our revenue and stops us from having to chase down customers who didn’t show up.”

Save time by simplifying the payment process
“Payment integration has also saved us time managing payments from our customers who do show up. It makes everything easy for us, we just see the bookings come in, and the money goes into the bank. Because it’s all automatic, all we need to focus on is providing our service,” John says.

Case study 2: Self-employed art instructor

Rebeca Garcia-Gonzalez is a San Francisco-based artist who focuses on painting landscapes and portraits. Rebeca also teaches art classes and mentors other aspiring artists looking to find their voices.

Rebeca says before using ScheduleOnce, scheduling sessions could take up to 12 back-and-forth emails. Today, Rebeca’s students schedule with her directly from her website, making it easy for her to juggle her different classes and appointment types.

Never awkwardly ask for money again
“Payment integration is quite important for a business like mine. I had students who would sign up for classes and forget to pay or say they were going to bring payment to class. That made it really awkward,” Rebeca says.

“I didn’t want to interrupt my class to remind people to pay me, so I needed something that would enable people to sign up for class and pay immediately. If I missed payment at that time, it became difficult to charge them later.”

Present a professional image
“When customers can pay for classes on my website, it gives them a different image of who I am. They know that I am professional, that I mean business, not like a stereotypical artist. Some people have told me that they were very impressed with the process to book and pay for a class,” Rebeca says.

Rebeca has many customers who regularly attend her classes. With session packages, her students are able to schedule and pay for multiple classes in one single action. This results in a seamless experience and creates commitment from customers.

Could your business benefit from using the ScheduleOnce connector for PayPal?

Give it a go today. Watch our video to learn more about the feature:

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