When the market is overcrowded with old generation products, a new product with a superior approach may have a hard time convincing people that the new approach is indeed better. People are already entrenched in their existing usage patterns and are not always open to hear about different solutions that are more efficient.

This is the case with group scheduling. The main vendors in this space have been around for more than a decade. These group schedulers are basically survey tools that make your invitees vote on time alternatives. Is this a good method for finding a time for a meeting? In many cases it is not. You will have to create another survey if none of the time alternatives work.

Our availability-based approach is simpler and takes all possible alternatives into account without having to define them explicitly. This saves time and significantly increases the probability that a time for the meeting will be found. We have already written about this in our blog and explained why our availability based approach to group scheduling is a far better solution.

We know that it will take time for people to realize that our availability-based approach is a much better solution for their group scheduling needs. However, it is already starting to happen:

Elise McIntosh is the co-founder and Chief Product Office at LucidMeetings, a collaboration and web conferencing service that supports professional meeting preparation, a collaborative in-meeting experience, and effortless follow-through on meeting results. In her blog post on Free Tools for Scheduling Your Next Meeting, Elise is clearly recognizing the superiority of our availability-based approach to group scheduling. Here is a direct quote from the post:

“ScheduleOnce is my favorite of the scheduling tools, we use ScheduleOnce ourselves when scheduling demos or consulting appointments…”

“Where Doodle and Meeting Wizard use a survey approach to finding the best meeting time, SheduleOnce works by comparing all participants’ availability. Asking people to indicate when they’re available rather than pick from a limited set of pre-defined times can save some rounds on those occasions when none of the originally selected times work.”

We are happy to see that more and more people are recognizing the superiority of our availability based approach and we are confident that this trend will continue to grow.

At the end of the day the better product wins.

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