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November 2021 - What's new for you?

The latest product news from your friends at OnceHub.

Internal labels for Event types🏷️

Event types can now be given both public and internal titles - just like Booking pages.

Internal_labelIf your account has a lot of similarly named Event types, this makes account management simpler. Include a team member's name to make it easier to select the correct Event type for ChatOnce bots, or ScheduleOnce Team or panel pages. The public name gives you control over what a lead or customer sees.

Learn more in our Knowledge Base.

Update user availability across multiple Booking pages 📅

Instead of updating a team member’s availability on each Booking page, toggle on User availability, and you only need to update once!

Before, if one of your team had multiple Booking pages, you needed to update the hours they had available on each Booking page. Now you can add availability on their OnceHub profile, and that will populate all their Booking pages. Just make sure to toggle this on for their Booking pages after setting it up on their profile.

Learn more in our Knowledge Base.

Email notifications for ChatOnce bot conversations 🤖

ChatOnce can now send your team an email notification when a website visitor reaches a certain point in a chatbot conversation.

The new email notification feature is perfect for automated lead capture, qualification, and engagement chatbots. You can notify team members by email when a bot captures new contact information, qualifies, or engages with a lead. You can even set up email notifications for target or VIP accounts to know when they’ve entered their contact details or scheduled a meeting.

You can try the email notification feature right now or learn more in our Knowledge Base.

Update contact status in ChatOnce conversations 💬 

ChatOnce can now update the status of a website visitor when they reach a certain point in a chatbot conversation.

The new ChatOnce interaction is perfect for lead qualification, assignment, and engagement. You can update your lead's contact status at any point in a chatbot conversation. The options available are Qualified, Marketing qualified, Sales qualified, and Disqualified. 

Try out the contact status feature in your ChatOnce chatbot builder now, or learn more in our Knowledge Base

Capture UTM parameters in ScheduleOnce and ChatOnce 🧭

ScheduleOnce and ChatOnce can now capture UTM tracking parameters. These UTM parameters are included in the Activity stream.

This feature is ideal for measuring the impact of your lead generation or marketing campaigns. UTM tracking parameters help you to understand your leads better by tracking the sources of your scheduled meetings. Adding UTM tags to your URLs allows you to analyze which campaigns result in more volume and quality of lead engagement.

Learn more in our Knowledge Base

top-tip-of-the-monthTop tip of the month

Do you want to add an extra layer of protection to your OnceHub account? Enable two-factor authentication for your team. Learn more.