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Engaging prospects with online scheduling

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Engagement is the key to turning prospects into new customers. When someone shows interest in your product or service, you want to connect with them as quickly as possible.

Today's methods of engagement usually focus on collecting customer information through web forms. Customers who fill out the web form will then receive relevant content, or will be offered a free consultation with a sales representative. While this method can successfully move prospects through your sales funnel, it takes time, causing leads to go from hot to cold.

The best way to shorten time-to-engagement and ensure you connect with leads while they are still hot is to use online scheduling in your sales funnel. Instead of letting your customers wait around to be engaged, you can give them the power to immediately connect with your team. This accelerates time to engagement and ensures contact when your lead's interest is high.

There are many ways you can use online scheduling to engage prospects. Here are a few methods that our customers have found successful.

1. Offer scheduling on your website

One approach is to allow website visitors to schedule demos and consultations directly from your website. By strategically placing scheduling calls-to-action on key pages, you can show customers that you are willing and ready to meet with them. This adds a personal touch to your website calls-to-action, giving website visitors a way to connect with one of your team members.

Online scheduling can be offered to all your website visitors, or to visitors who fill out your web form. When offered to visitors who fill out your form, you can choose whether to offer scheduling to all form fillers, or to top leads based on their form submission.

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2. Offer scheduling in your mass email campaigns

Online scheduling can be offered in your mass email campaigns. When sending marketing campaigns, you need a strong call-to-action that will make your email stand out. Inviting prospects to schedule demos, consultations and discovery sessions, is the perfect approach.

Each email recipient receives their own personalized scheduling link. They simply click on the link, and select a time, without having to provide any information you already have. The process is quick and seamless, and you will discover that serious leads have essentially qualified themselves.


3. Personally invite prospective customers to schedule

Your business may already have specific leads who are waiting to be contacted. Rather than trying to catch these leads on the phone, or sending back and forth emails, your sales team can send personal scheduling invitations. Your lead will receive their personalized link and be able to pick a time for their meeting, without having to provide any information you already have.

This presents a professional image to your customers, giving them a great impression leading up to your meeting.


Which ever method you choose, online scheduling can be a game-changer in converting prospects into new customers. Want to learn more? Visit our solutions section to read how ScheduleOnce can help you engage your prospects.