OnceHub news

During the last few months we’ve been working on a new ScheduleOnce release – ScheduleOnce 3.0 which will add support for new use cases such as:

Support for multiple meeting types: Enabling you to offer different types of meetings, each one with its own characteristics. For example. Face to face meetings and phone meetings.

Support for multiple team members: Enabling you to accept appointments for multiple team members. For example, you have four consultants and need to accept bookings for them.

Support for multiple services: Enabling you to offer multiple services, each one with its own characteristics. For example, offering different types of massage.

Support for rooms and resources: Enabling you to offer booking of rooms and resources, each one with its own characteristics. For example, you have a a few conference rooms that people should be able to reserve and use during the show.

If any of these use cases are relevant to you we would love to show you a demo of the new release and listen to your feedback.

To schedule a demo, please contact us and tell us who you are and which use case you are interested in.

We look forward to hearing your feedback.

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