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Card Testing Fraud - Continued

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If you are a OnceHub customer trying to pay for your account, read below to learn why we have temporarily suspended payment via credit cards.

If you are not a OnceHub customer and see a charge from OnceHub on your credit card statement, your card details were stolen from another merchant and were used by fraudsters on OnceHub in order to test if the card still works so that they can use it for bigger purchases. You must notify your financial institution and cancel your card immediately.

If you are interested in the bigger story behind this incident, you can read our CEO's summary and perspective.

Last week we posted an update on the credit card testing fraud that has impacted OnceHub. Unfortunately, this was not the end. It was only the beginning.

After a few quiet days the fraudsters came back with a massive and very sophisticated bot attack. The entire company has been working around the clock to fight this attack, refund transactions, respond to cardholders whose cards were compromised and develop additional measures to curb the attackers.

Due to the magnitude of the attack and its sophistication, it became almost impossible to differentiate between real transactions and the fraudulent transactions. We are working diligently to refund all transactions but it is possible we may have missed some.

It is our intention to fully refund all transactions. Our heart goes out to the innocent victims whose cards were stolen. We are both victims of these fraudsters.

If you do not see a refund from us within five days of the charge was made, please contact us at support@oncehub.com